Sunday, 6 November 2016

Application for FaeryInk DT Call

Hi Amanda!  What a great way to have people apply for your Design Team!
Your Questions and my replies to this interview!:
  1. How did you hear of Faery Ink?
    1. I have seen your work for a few years now.  Facebook is a wonderful tool to see all the artists and if I have to say, it must have been a post on Kit and Clowder for someone who had coloured an image of yours.
  2. How many Faery Ink images do you own? (guess if you need to)
    1. Close to about 20.  Most have been freebies
  3. What is your favorite Faery Ink image? (Include a link to the image in the shop if applicable)
    1. I love all your Ophelia's if I have to choose an absolute favourite it would be Ophelia in Wonderland as the Mad Hatter
  4. Do you like people and do you enjoy helping others?
    1. I very much like people (really there are people out there who don't? LOL).  I definitely do help others.  In my full time job I have also stepped up to be a Union Steward so that I can help people who cannot help others.  I also have a parent in a Long Term Care facility who cannot take care of himself anymore.  Not only do I feel it is my responsibility to help him, I also help everyone in the Long Term Care facility to protect their dignity.  I also volunteer in the facility in the Family Council to try to have a better life in their later years and preserve their dignity.
  5. What do you think is the purpose of a design team? Why do digital stamp artists, specifically, have design teams?
    1. I feel that the purpose of a Design Team is to show others how they can use a specific digital image either in a card, journal or scrapbook layout.  I work with cards and scrapbook pages but can see branching out to journaling.  Design Teams are a venue for people to ask questions from, to comment on their work, and to help build confidence in the person that is working with your images.
  6. Have you ever been on a design team before?
    1. I have been on a few Design Teams.  I had to step down from these because of my life being too unmanageable with my daughter, husband and family.  I am just getting back into crafting and would be honoured to design for your company.
  7. How many and which design teams are you on right now?
    1. I was on three in the past at the same time.  With life the way it was I did have to quit this in the past prior to my term ending.  I felt awful about that however the artists were very understanding and knew that I had done my best to manage things and it just didnt work any more for me.  I also found that being on more than one Design team was too much of a commitment.  I am only looking to be on one design team and I am hoping that it will be yours.
  8. How much time do you have each week to dedicate to the Faery Ink design team? (Yes, each week)
    1. Through the week it would be maybe 1/2 hour with weekends typically an hour to two each on Saturday or Sunday.  It could be more at times.  If this is not what you are looking for, lets discuss the commitment and see if I can make changes to my timelines.
  9. What is your favorite kind of project to make, that you often use Faery Ink images in creating? (Cards, art journals, handmade books, pocket letters, mixed media art, artist trading cards etc.)
    1. Cards.  I have made my cards with mixed media as well.  I do need to get back to finishing up my scrapbooks so I could totally see using some of the images in this type of project as well.
  10. What is your favorite medium to color with and which brand(s) do you use? How long have you been using this medium?
    1. COPICS...I am starting to use Pencils and Water Colors but I have been down off the crafting since December last year so soon as my craft room is finished I cant wait to use my COPICs again
  11. Do you sell your projects? If so, where?
    1. I do sell my cards.  In fact, I create my cards to meet the need of my customers.  They tell me the colour choices, a bit about the person so that I can create a card that is special and unique.  I sell these at work.  I work with about 2000 people.
  12. What do you do to promote your blog?
    1. When I create projects I will add them into Challenges.  This brings people to my blog for commenting.  I also post all the colours I use, the products that I have used and when posting on Facebook I typically will also put the link to the actual project so that people can come to my blog if they are interested in copying what I have done.
  13. What websites are you active on? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
    1. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (this is more political though with my Union function), Youtube.
  14. Do you think it is worthwhile to read/watch tutorials to improve your coloring, crafting, etc?
    1. UH!  OF COURSE!  I am Addicted to YOUTUBE! LOL.  I subscribe to Kit and Clowder monthly projects and am always looking at ways to improve my work.
  15. Let’s say we all have some kind of higher purpose for being here. What is yours? It’s okay to say “I don’t know” but if you could take a few minutes to think about it – I would appreciate it =)
    (As an example: For me, it is to help people be creative in order to reduce stress and build self confidence)
    1. I totally believe that we all are here for a purpose.  When I was 21 I had a bad car accident and there was a time that I went to the other realm and my grandfather (passed away already at that time) visited me and told me that it wasn't my time and that I have not fulfilled my purpose!  I do not need to think about this question at all!  I am here to help people and be their voice!  I am here to make life better whether in the Long Term Care facility or with my employer for my members!  There is never a time that if there is a the need for a voice that mine is not one that is heard!  
I am hoping to hear from you Amanda to take my application to the next phase.  I think I would be a great fit because I am dedicated, honest, helpful and committed to making my work better and learning new techniques.  I find your images adorable and would love to work with them.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

High Hopes - Bunny Blooms - Happy Easter

Hi Everyone

Here is a High Hopes Image called Bunny Blooms.

I decided to make 3 of the same image because I have 1 daughter and 2 Niece's and they simply all needed their own Easter Card!  OK the real reason is to practice doing the fur!  I hope you like it, I think it turned out amazing.  I even experimented with the grass.  Which one do you prefer?  Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

The image was coloured using the following Copic Markers;

Bunny:  E37, E35, E33, E31
Bunny Ears: RV10, RB11
Tulips - Purple - V12, V15, V17
Tulips - Red - R35, R37, R39
Tulips - Green - G46, G43, G40
Nose - W8, W6, W4
Grass: YG63, G99, G94, G21

The challenges that I have entered these cards into are;

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Progressive Freebie by SimplyBettyStamps

Good day everyone!

Thank you for joining me today...Time has not been my friend lately and I am so happy to be able to do some crafting today.  I thought I would get this challenge out of the way sooner rather than later before my friend time gets in the way again LOL.

The Copic Markers I used for colouring this image are;

Skin: E50, E51, E21, E11
Hair, Belt:  N8, N6, N4, N2
Eyes: 100, BG49, BG45, B00
Lips, Top: R56, R37, R35
Bandana: R56, R37, R35
Bandana Polka Dots: B39, B34, B32
Jean Shorts: B39, B34, B32
Franken Tat: G99, G94, YG03

The paper was black stripes with white between the black.  So I used the Reds and the Blues to coordinate my paper to my image!  I love doing that!

The challenges that I have entered this into are:

Simply Betty Stamps Facebook Feb Progressive Challenge.

It was great getting to do a card today!  I hope you enjoyed my project.